Conference FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Who is sponsoring this conference?

A: The Orange County Singles Conference, Calfornia’s largest 31+ Singles Conference,  and for 2018 is hosted by the Mission Viejo Stake with the support of the South Orange County Coordinating Council of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, comprised of the following stakes: Irvine, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Niguel, San Clemente and Newport Beach..

Q: I’m from out of the area, so where again is OC aka Orange County, California? 

A: Orange County is centrally located in between of Los Angeles and San Diego in sunny Southern California. Typically Southern California’s largest LDS Singles events are held here in the OC.

Q: What’s the age range for this conference? 

A: This is an inclusive conference for ALL singles 31 on up. In 2016 approximately 40% of those who attended were in the Midsingles range of 30-45, with the rest of the attendees being 45+, it was pretty evenly split which made for a conference filled with such amazing energy, we loved seeing so many people enjoying themselves and meeting new friends.

Q: What’s the difference between the Orange County Singles Conference in July and the Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference in May? 

A: Here in Orange County, we are blessed to have two AMAZING conferences to attend. In May, there’s the Huntington Beach Midsingles Conference (ages 28-45) sponsored by the Huntington Beach Midsingles Ward.   In the summer, there’s the Orange County Singles Conference (an all-age inclusive conference for any singles age 31 or older) conference sponsored by the South Orange County Coordinating Council with Mission Viejo Stake hosting for 2018.  The Orange County Singles Conference offeres amazing diversity and great energy due to the inclusive nature of this conference.  Mid Singles attending will experience a completely different kind of conference experience than Huntington Beach offers, both have value and are worth attending.  My advice is that if you are Midsingle age in your mid 30’s-40s, now is the time to start taking advantage of attending 31+ conferences even if you just do workshops and start with 1 dance and Sunday church.  It’s time to broaden your social network. You’ll be surprised how Midsingles friendly the OC Singles Conference will be.

Q: I’m a little leery attending all-age 31+ activities for fear of being hit on by people twice my age. How can I meet people of a similar age at this conference? 

A: Everyone should always just be polite if someone much older or younger than you is flirting with you, please remember sometimes it’s hard for all of us to tell ages specifically as people get to be older    While singles of all ages attend, don’t be afraid to walk up to people in your age range and say hi.  Take advantage of the small group activities to connect with people that have common interests.  Also we encourage you to sign up for speed mingling to meet many new friends, both guys & gals in your age demographic.  Remember so many people come in from out of town and are looking for people to hang out with as for many this is their first conference, try to be pro-social when you can and say hi, make a new friend. You may make someone’s day or gain a new friend!

Q. This OC Conference sounds ah-maz-ing and I really wanna go! But I really don’t know anyone, and I’m a little nervous going alone, any suggestions? 

A. First of all, you are not alone in feeling this. Many are attending the OC Conference this year for the first time. Orange County Singles Conference has several smaller activities planned throughout the weekend, where you have ample opportunity to meet people in smaller group settings.

You can also coordinate carpools, message those on the groups and plan for rooms beforehand with other singles by joining our OC Conference Facebook Event Page

Ultimately we all need to stretch, be proactive, and get out of our comfort zone, and within no time, you will be able to mingle with singles from all over the U.S. and beyond.  We can lift others by not focusing on just ourselves at events like this, but truly lift where we stand, a compliment or a friendly smile goes a long way to building those bridges.

Here is a hint… if you are coming alone or new to the single scene, please understand we have all been there, so, everyone is new to you and it’s hard to remember so many names; So we challenge you to make it a goal that at every event you go to during the conference try to meet 3 new people, most will have name badges on but better yet, try to focus and Remember their name and something about them. That’s it, 3 new people at each workshop, at lunch, at the dances, etc.  Before you know it, you will feel like you are no longer surrounded by strangers.

Q: This conference sounds great, but “I don’t do well” in large groups. How am I able to meet others in smaller group settings? 

A. Don’t let the size of the OC Conference intimidate you, as explained in the previous question, there are several smaller group activities planned throughout the OC Conference giving plenty of opportunities for people to meet others. Workshops on Saturday are small, usually each workshop has anywhere from 15-50 people in the room.  Workshop Saturday is a great day to meet people because it’s easy to strike up a conversation about what you just heard with anyone in the room.  Plus, we have added several smaller events and  structured mingling activities this year, to help you break out of that clique and meet new people.

Q: What is speed mingling? How it does work? Do I have to speed mingle? 

A You will sign up for Speed Mingling during the Friday Night or Saturday Night events. Speed mingling is done with different targeted age ranges, to help meet like-minded people, guys/gals  in a similar stage of life. If you are on the cusp in between age range, you may pick one or both rounds.

31 – 45 Singles
40 – 55 Singles
50 – 65 Singles
65+ Singles
Wild Card 31+ All age… so everyone

Speed Mingling is just a low-key, no-stress way to meet new people and have face-time with singles you may not get a chance to on the dance floor or with the big crowd.  Think of speed mingling as a simple ice breaker activity. This year, we will be doing 2-3 minute rounds where you will get to chat with 12-15 people (not the entire room) so only 30 minutes total per round, where the women once seated, stay put, and then the men rotate every 2-3 minutes.

We will have ample space between couples, so that it’s not “Scream Dating” 🙂  Also, there will be a list of fun get-to-know-you questions if you need a little help in the conversation. Remember to keep the topics fun and light. Please do NOT ask uncomfortable questions that’s put people on the hot seat such as “What’s your story?” or “How long have you been single?” or “Why are you still single?” Discussing serious or heavy topics can be saved for later after the speed mingling round.  This is not an interview or an interrogation. 🙂

You will need to check-in at the Speed Mingling Registration Desk (next to the Speed Mingling Lounge, in order secure your spot to attend your speed mingling round.

If there is space available, any woman on the Standby Line can join the speed mingling round if they bring a guy friend with them (of a similar age) to the round. If the speed mingling round starts and there are a few women waiting on the Standby Line and there is still space available, women in the Standby Line can join the speed mingling during the session once we get a few more men to join us, so that there was always an even M/F ratio.

With so many Singles attending, we anticipate all the rounds to fill up with even M/F ratios.

After each of the Speed Mingling sessions, the entire group will be escorted to the Reception Area where everyone can meet and mingle with those you didn’t get a chance to speed mingle with, and that’s a great opportunity to exchange any contact info at that time. With everyone having lanyards with names too, you can connect with the people you connected with on Facebook after the round.

While speed mingling is happening on Friday and Saturday Nights, it’s only an optional activity. Only those interested in speed mingling will be speed mingling. It’s just a fun and easy way to meet people on a different level than you would at other activities.

Q: I don’t live in California, so why would I go to a Singles Conference in Orange County? Doesn’t everyone that attends live in California? What’s the breakdown of locations of attendees? How can I meet someone closer to where I live at the OC Conference? 

A: Actually about half of the attendees of the Orange County Singles Conference, don’t live in Southern California. This is a national, if not an international conference, and so we get people from Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Asia, Europe, the UK, and Canada in attendance.  Roughly the breakdown of attendees is 30% Southern California; 10% Northern California, Oregon, Washington;  20% Arizona;  20% Utah, Nevada and Idaho;  15%  (Midwest, East Coast, Southeast U.S.), 5% Outside of the U.S.

So what does this mean? This means out of all the singles attending , you often have a better chance to meet someone closer to where you live, here in Orange County, then sometimes at your own local activities. 🙂 (perhaps a stretch, but you get the idea) … so it’s worth it for you to attend.

Q: Is there a la carte registration? 

A: Yes, in the final days, a la carte registration will be offered.  Cash or check payments accepted at the venue.  See the Registration Page for more details.

Q: Is there a special group discount to Disneyland on Monday, July 30th
A: Very Likely, watch for the discount to be posted.  We have a special OC Conference Group Discount to Disneyland (and California Adventure), typically $8-12 off the regular price depending on ticket type. See the Monday Page under Schedule, for more details.  For those, wishing to avoid the summer crowds at Disneyland we will be enjoying a beach day on Monday and have alternative activities planned if you are staying over a few more days.  Remember it’s California, there will be lots of options available if you want to stay over til Monday, Knotts Berry Farm and Knotts Soak City is also in Orange County as are lots of other free sight seeing options.

Q: I would like to attend the entire conference, but I can’t really afford it. Any suggestions? 

A: You can partially attend the conference al a carte to suit your budget, or proactively put aside a few bucks every paycheck for the next few months to be able to afford to attend the entire conference, or you can contact your Bishop for financial assistance to help pay for the conference. Usually the wards in Orange County have historically supported their local singles in need to ensure those in financial need can attend this amazing conference. However, you can’t just show up at the door and say “I’m in financial need”.  You will need to work this out with your Bishop beforehand. Your Bishop can mail the check or give you a check to bring day of – TBD , by using filling out the mail-in registration form on the Register Page, and then we can process your registration.

See the Registration Page for a la Carte options.

Q: I’m traveling from outside of the area and not familiar with Orange County. How should I get around to the different events at the conference? 

A: Since the events are held all over from Irvine, usually about a 15 mile radius,  it’s best to carpool with others going to the various events or share renting a car, which is cheaper than taking a taxi or you may choose to Uber it. Using public transportation is not recommended in our area.

Q: How do I coordinate with others in sharing rides or rooms? 

A: The easiest way to coordinate with others to share rides or rooms is to use the OC Conference Facebook Event Page.

Q: Can I stay at members’ houses? 

A: Due to the size of the conference, we can’t accommodate everyone in members’ houses during the conference. A few members are offering their homes for the conference.  With the cost of real estate much higher in Orange County than in other areas in the country, most local singles actually live in condos, apartments, or smaller homes and can’t accommodate large groups where they live.

So we encourage you to use the hotel page on the conference website, and you can coordinate with others to share rooms on the OC Conference Facebook Group.

Q: What’s the refund policy for this conference? 

A:   There are no refunds being offered for the OC Conference. But , you can always sell or transfer your spot if need be, to someone else.  Most people transferring funds to each other via Venmo or Paypal. If you need to sell your spot, most people are posting on the OC Conference Facebook Event Page or you can let us know at and we will let you know if someone is looking to buy a ticket.

Once you sell your spot, just notify us their name, address, ward, stake,  conference options via email before the conference at so we can update the registration list.

Q: How many people are expected to attend? 

A: We expect over the week-end of the conference between 600-800 Singles to gather from Southern California, the West Coast, and throughout the U.S. and around the world,  at California’s largest All Age Singles Conference.   Some venues do have a limited capacity, so it’s best to register much sooner than later to secure you spot.

Q: Why do I need to register now instead of just showing up at the door? 

A: We encourage everyone to register sooner than later as some activities have a limited capacity and will sell out well before the conference.

This stake sponsored conference is entirely self-funded this year by Mission Viejo stake, meaning early registration helps pay for the deposits required to get this conference off the ground and helps us plan more accurately for numbers with catering.   If everyone registers late and/or just shows up at the door, it makes planning food especially for a conference much more difficult to coordinate and budget.

So basically the earlier everyone registers, the better conference experience we can provide.  Anyway, if you buy an early bird ticket those are easiest to sell if your plans change as you bought at the cheapest price.

Q: What’s the dress code for this conference? 

A: You will need Sunday attire, Templeside devotional is business, business casual, or church dress. as many come right from work to this event. Friday morning activities, casual or athletic wear or perhaps Saturday activities. At the Friday Beach party, modest beach attire, LDS Standards.  For the evening dances they tend to be dress to impress (but not semi-formal).  Saturday workshops is a casual dress event, “smart casual”.

For any outdoor event, it can still get a little chilly in the evening, even in July, so bring layers just in case.

Q: How do I register? 

A: It’s best to pay online so you get your preprinted on the Registration Page Or you can pay at the door.